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About S A Manjunatha

S A Manjunatha is a Science Graduate with 3 PG Qualifications in Man Management.  He has 3 Certifications in Psychometric Assessments besides Graduation with Landmark Education.  He has over 46 Years of Result Oriented Experience – over 40 Years as a Performing Corporate Employee and 6 Years as an Entrepreneur.


Based on his Credentials on the subject, S A Manjunatha has designed his own Basket of 8 Scientific Psychometric Assessments which helps an Individual in drawing out one’s Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats from different dimensions of one’s Persona.


S A Manjunatha understands that many persons have reservations in sharing their Life Challenges with others.  S A Manjunatha believes that it will do a world of good to people if the task of overcoming Life Stage Challenges is made as a private act.


Towards this, S A Manjunatha has authored 5 Books which helps the Readers in achieving the Objectives of the Book in an environment of one’s Privacy and through a Process of Self-analysis and Self-development, with minimal intervention from an External Expert.

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