• Forever Life


    Helps both existing and Prospective Couples in Identifying and Celebrating the Similarities and Differences between them.  They will also be able to set Collaborative and Empowered Life Goals for a Blissful Married Life, forever.  They will be able to appreciate the Time Tested Values that paves the way for a Happy Married Life.

  • Know Yourself


    Helps the Readers in understanding their Strengths and Challenges from different dimensions of one’s Personal,  and Map appropriate Developmental Plans.

    This is a Book of my Psychometric Assessments.

  • Life Pit Stop


    Helps the Readers in Becoming a Better Version of Oneself by marching on a Journey of Continuous Improvement every 3 Months, and also attains an Ideal Work-Life Balance.

  • The Magic Wand to Understand Human Behaviour


    Helps the Readers in widening their perspective on Human Behaviour.  It will help the reader in understanding the logic for the Actions/Inactions of Persons surrounding one’s Life.  The Book will also have ample introspective opportunities for reflecting on the impact the reader leaves on others, because of one’s own Actions and Inactions.

  • Way Forward


    Helps Students (9th Standard and above) in enhancing one’s Learning Effectiveness and attains an Ideal Study-Life Balance.  The Readers will also be able to get a basket of options for the Student to pursue one’s Higher Education / Career, given the Strengths of one’s Natural Intelligences.