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Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments are authentic scientific diagnostic tools that help identify the Strengths and Challenges of Individuals from different dimensions of their personas.

About Manjunatha Consultants

S A Manjunatha is a Science Graduate with 3 PG Qualifications in Man Management.  He has 3 Certifications in Psychometric Assessments besides Graduation with Landmark Education.  He has over 46 Years of Result Oriented Experience – over 40 Years as a Performing Corporate Employee and 6 Years as an Entrepreneur.

Based on his Credentials on the subject, S A Manjunatha has designed his own Basket of 8 Scientific Psychometric Assessments which helps an Individual in drawing out one’s Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities and Threats from different dimensions of one’s Persona.

S A Manjunatha

Author, Psychometric
Assessor and Mentor

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The following are the Key Deliverables of our basket of 8 Psychometric Assessments.

Name of the Assessment
Key Deliverables
The Sets of Natural Likes and Dislikes with which a Person is Born.
The Modifications that a Person has chosen to make based on Facts and Perceptions around one’s Life.
The Effect of such Modifications on one’s Thinking, Attitude and Behaviour.
The Belief Systems of the Person with respect to Communicating with Others.
The Competency Levels on 20 Success Skills, and Implications on their Strengths and Weaknesses.
The Status of 9 Intelligences in a Person.
The Preference one has towards Absorbing Learning.
The Preferences one has towards Retaining and Recalling Learning.

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